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Bark Mulch Delivery in the North Windham Area

Our premium natural mulch is produced from the bark of the tree rather than the woody part. As a result organically, it is better for the soil as it decomposes and it gives a natural protectant to insects as well as reduces the risk of artillery fungus.

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Multi-Talented Bark Chippings

Bark chippings are capable of performing all of the functions that garden mulch requires, one of which is perhaps the most important when it comes to saving the gardener a great deal of time – bark chippings inhibit weed growth. A layer of bark chippings across the soil around plants and shrubs will stop sunlight reaching the seeds and small shoots that form when weeds are beginning to develop as the weather turns warmer during spring.

Secondly, bark chippings further help the gardener by saving more time when it comes to watering beds and borders during hot weather. This is because when bark chippings are applied, they form a layer above the soil which allows water to penetrate to the earth below, but also reduces evaporation from the soil’s surface therefore retaining more moisture. The bark chippings also provide a blanket of insulation over the soil during very cold weather, helping to protect the roots of plants from damaging frosts and ice.

Finally, gardeners using bark chippings as a garden mulch will not only get some decorative benefit from the bark itself, but the soil will also benefit from the additional organic matter as the natural products breaks down and composts, encouraging living organisms to inhabit the soil such as worms which in turn provide benefits to soil quality.

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Ideal For Mulching Garden Beds & Borders To Suppress Weeds And Retain Moisture.

Green Valley Tree bark mulch is very beneficial to plants and soil, as mulching can reduce surface evaporation, suppress weeds, moderate soil temperature fluctuations, protect shallow root plants from frost and as it eventually breaks down over time it adds essential nutrients to the soil. Our garden bark mulch is long-lasting and derived from sustainably sourced forestry chipping.

Buy bark mulch from Green Valley Tree, a brand that prides itself on supplying quality bark mulch at one of the best bark prices to buy online.

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Finding a safe, professional tree service with all the proper licensing and insurance can be a daunting experience. Green Valley Tree LLC is a family owned and operated business serving all of eastern Connecticut that takes pride in being a credible, fully licensed and insured company. We offer a wide range of top-quality tree services to our customers with safety as our number one priority. We follow all OSHA and ANSI standards of safety as they relate to the tree care industry. Green Valley Tree LLC is also certified through the EHAP program to clear around power lines.

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