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From grinding one stump from a removal, to an entire acre that will be turned back into grass, Green Valley Tree LLC has tire and track machines to get the job done. We first evaluate the area to make sure that there are no underground obstacles and then quickly grind the stump and the area around it, removing all roots. You can then have the millings left behind or have them removed and add topsoil and grass seed.

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Why You Should Get Your Tree Stump Ground

1. Beneficial to the environment.

Clearing stumps is beneficial for the environment because it helps to clear out unwanted debris that can cause an environmental hazard. This also helps to prevent new fires from starting.

2. Reduces the chance of the stump re-growing.

Tree stump grinding reduces the chance of the stump re-growing in the future, which would be an inconvenience to homeowners. Additionally, it increases property value and makes it easier to sell your home. The process does not require expensive equipment or heavy machinery, making it affordable for residential or commercial properties.

3. Helps to create better soil quality

Tree stump grinding is a process that helps to create better soil quality. Grinding stumps breaks down the wood and helps to aerate and fertilize the soil with natural nutrients. The process also kills any weeds or unwanted plants that may be growing around the stump.

4. Create a more aesthetically pleasing lawn

The first step to a lovely lawn is removing any tree stumps. Grinding down the tree stump creates a flat surface that is perfect for gardening.

5. Reduce the chances of fires and insect infestations

Grinding stumps reduces the risk of their roots spreading and causing fires, as well as reduces the likelihood of insects such as termites and beetles setting up houses within them. It also reduces potential safety hazards such as lightning.

6. Provide a nicer appearance to the property

Grinding tree stumps can provide an aesthetically pleasing appearance to the property, but it will also help remove the potential hazard that the tree stump could pose. We offer stump grinding services in all of CT. We have been performing professional stump grinding services for more than a decade and we will make sure that you get the best results.

If you are looking for professional tree stump grinding services in CT then you should be sure to check out  Green Valley Tree LLC. We have been providing these services for residential and commercial properties for more than 20 years so we have plenty of experience in this field. If you have any questions about our stump grinding services or anything else, please feel free to contact us or give us a call today


What is the Process of Stump Grinding?

The process of tree stump grinding begins with our crew arriving at the site and measuring the height and circumference of the stump. We then cut out a notch in the stump and remove the top. After that, we fill the inside of the stump with water to reduce dust. With the notch that we cut into the stump, we place a blade in it and then begin to grind it down. Our crew will typically grind for hours, depending on the size of the stump, until completion.

We typically grind a stump down some 6 cm below ground and remove the grinds for you. We can also fill the spot with premium topsoil and sow it with high-quality grass seed to ensure a beautiful lawn takes place where a tree once used. The grindings can be buried into the hole left by the stump if we can pull out the grindings from the stump. Surface and subsurface roots outside the stump are normally not removed but can be done if desired.


What is the estimated stump removal cost?

An average tree stump removal costs $326, with prices ranging from $175 to $516. If the project is extensive, homeowners can expect to spend around $1,033. Small projects can cost as less.


Why we’re your Stump removal specialists in Connecticut

We offer competitive stump grinding pricing

At Green Valley Tree LLC we offer professional, reliable, and affordable stump grinding without sacrificing quality. We offer competitive prices for both residential and commercial customers.

  • We are a locally operated tree service in Connecticut

Green Valley Tree LLC has been providing quality tree stump removal, tree removal, trimming & clearing services for over 20 years. We are licensed & insured, and our staff is highly knowledgeable in the field of Arboriculture.

  • We are fully insured tree services in Connecticut

Green Valley Tree LLC is a fully insured tree service company in Windham CT. We offer free estimates, same-day service, and are available 24 hours a day to answer any questions.

  • We offer free estimates

Our tree service company offers a number of services including but not limited to stump removal, tree trimming, and emergency services. We offer free estimates and the best customer service in the industry.

  • We clean up the area after removing stumps from your yard

Our tree service can get rid of tree stumps from your yard with our patented stump grinding, which is a quick and efficient process. We make sure that the area is left clean and tidy after we are done.

Don’t take our word for it…​

"During a huge snowstorm last winter we were without a plow, I had my 3 month old granddaughter and no way to get out in case of an emergency. One call to Green Valley Tree Service and within a very short time Josh and his crew came and did a great job clearing our very long, unpaved driveway. They were fast, courteous and very fairly priced. I truly recommend them to everyone!"
Susan M

FAQs About Our Stump Grinding Services in Connecticut

How deep should you go when grinding a stump?

The depth one should use when grinding a stump depends on the size of the stump and how much ground is around it. If you’re not sure, consult a professional. We have a high quality stump grinder able to grind down stumps of all shapes and sizes. Call us today.

How long does it take for the ground to settle after stump grinding?

The ground will take approximately 3-4 weeks to settle after stump grinding, but this is largely dependent on the soil type. Get in touch with our stump grinding services today.

How long does it take to grind a stump out?

It’s no surprise that stumps are a common sight in yards. Removing them can be a tedious and time-consuming process, but with the proper tools and equipment it doesn’t have to be an arduous task.

A lot of people don’t know that a stump removal process can take anywhere from 15 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the type of stump, where it is located, and more. In some cases, a person might need to get a permit from the local authority before they can get their tree removed. Get in touch with our tree service today to get a free estimate.


How long does it take to grind a stump out?

Stump grindings are the leftovers of wood chips from a tree that has been cut down. Wood chips can attract termites because they are made up of wood. Wood is an organic material that often contains cellulose which termites find tasty. Termites will also feed on sap, honeydew, and plant juices produced by plants so they may be attracted to stump grindings as well. We can help you prevent termites and ants from invading your yard by treating the wood chips.

Is it better to grind a stump or remove it?

Grinding a stump is an ecological way to dispose of a tree stump, but it does take a tedious amount of time. It is best for people who want to get rid of the stump quickly and can afford to rent a machine (stump grinder) that grinds it into mulch. Removing the stump is best if you have too many stumps or if you have a big one that you want to use as fire.

What happens to roots after stump grinding?

Tree roots can break pipes and sink electrical lines. We can help remove tree roots as well to prevent infrastructure damage around your property.

Why is stump grinding so expensive?

Tree stumps can cost a lot of money to grind down, when using a stump grinder. Tree stumps are often considered an eyesore and need to be removed from sidewalks, yards, and other areas. The cost of stump removal can vary depending on the size and location of the stump. Companies typically charge $100-$500 for this service.


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If you need immediate, emergency service outside of our regular business hours call our emergency at 860-966-5710.

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Green Valley Tree LLC offers brush clearing and vegetation management to residential, commercial and municipal customers.

Our Tree Service Areas

Finding a safe, professional tree service with all the proper licensing and insurance can be a daunting experience. Green Valley Tree LLC is a family owned and operated business serving all of eastern Connecticut that takes pride in being a credible, fully licensed and insured company. We offer a wide range of top-quality tree services to our customers with safety as our number one priority. We follow all OSHA and ANSI standards of safety as they relate to the tree care industry. Green Valley Tree LLC is also certified through the EHAP program to clear around power lines.

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